Case Studies: FH Ayer Manufacturing

Bob Debolt, President of F.H. Ayer Manufacturing Company, shares why his company chose to grow their business in Chicago Heights and why they’ve been in the neighborhood for over 100 years.

Founded in 1906, the F.H. Ayer facility in Chicago Heights, Illinois manufactures custom machine parts for the steel, chemical, electronic, petro-chemical, municipal and food industries. F.H. Ayer originally chose to locate their business in Chicago Heights due to the large industrial base and proximity to raw materials and customers.

The City of Chicago Heights has been supportive of F.H. Ayer’s business goals including their current plan to expand their facility within the next five years. According to Debolt, the city of Chicago Heights is friendly to manufacturing businesses.

F.H. Ayer started their company with 4 employees and has now grown to 40 employees in their Chicago Heights facility.