Case Studies: Zoetis

Larry McGrenera, Site Director for Zoetis in their Chicago Heights facility, shares his experience working in the City of Chicago Heights. Zoetis is the top animal health company in the world. The company specializes in animal health for companion animals and livestock, manufacturing a wide variety of vaccines, drugs, and medicated feed additives to improve animal health.

Zoetis has corporate offices in Florham Park, New Jersey with satellite offices around the world. The company supplies products to a wide variety of customers in over 120 countries.

Zoetis chose its Chicago Heights location primarily because of its ideal transportation infrastructure. Mr. McGrenera notes that Zoetis relies heavily on global transportation of its goods, and the Chicago Heights area provides great proximity to highway, rail and overseas shipments. Additionally, two of the key raw materials used at the Zoetis facility, corn and soy flour, are geographic to the area.

The Chicago Heights plant manufactures antibiotics used in medicated feed products for the poultry health business. Zoetis employs 100 people at their Chicago Heights facility, and of those employees, roughly one third live in Chicago Heights.

Zoetis has a great working relationship with Chicago Heights. The company recently completed an expansion of its Chicago Heights plant. The city of Chicago Heights helped Zoetis obtain a tax rebate to reduce their real estate taxes, and Zoetis was able to secure an extension of its prior tax rebate at the same time.